Video Outreach

In recent years, video and social media have become the new way of sharing and getting your name out in the world.

Much like writing on walls or hosting events, now you can publish your work on social media or places like YouTube and deviantArt and have your work reach even more people and more places around the world.

The strength that uploading a video has on the public is so strong that it has created new celebrities in recent years.

Artists use YouTube to publish work that may not be major but still important, or to show the public a preview of an upcoming event that will be featuring them.

If you upload a video you make sure it has a title that can be searchable. If it is something that you think someone will type when looking for it, that may be something you want to include in the title.

YouTube is also an amazing way of looking at some exhibits or shows you may have missed where a camera was there to capture those moments.

Even if you did attend an event you may have missed something, you can always search for a video of it and you may find something new.

Sometimes you may not have known about an event then you see it might have been something you wanted to look at, well now you can.

Now that even standard cameras are pretty high quality when it comes to video you don’t have to worry about the video being super grainy or blurry unless it is a fast-moving image that was filmed on a cellphone.

Getting your name out there as an artist has never been that easy especially since there is so much competition, but advances in technology have given us tools to use and reach a grater audience.